ETH Zurich
ARCS'07: Architecture of Computing Systems
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland
March 12-15, 2007
   ARCS 2007

ARCS 07 Conference Program

Monday, March 12: Tutorials

Thursday, March 15: Workshops

All conference talks will take place in the ETH main building in room HG D7.1 (directions to ETH main building are available from here)

Time Tue, March 13 Time Wed, March 14
8.25-8.30 Opening session
Keynote Talk Keynote Talk
8.30-9.15 Prof. Jan Bosch, Nokia Research 8.30-9.15 Alan Southall, Siemens Corporate Technology: "Peer-to-Peer Architectures — From VoIP Solutions to Industrial Automation"
Reconfigurable Computing
Chair: M. Platzner
Service Architectures
Chair: P. Lukowicz
9.15-9.45 Afshin Niktash, Hooman Parizi, Nader Bagherzadeh: A reconfigurable processor for forward error correction. 9.15-9.45 Till Riedel, Christian Decker, Albert Krohn, Tobias Zimmer, Michael Beigl: Architecture for collaborative business items.
9:45-10.15 Peter Sobe: FPGA-accelerated deletion-tolerant coding for reliable distributed storage. 9:45-10.15 Edgar Magana: Autonomic management architecture for flexible grid services deployment based on policies.
10:15-10.45 Coffee Break 10:15-10.45 Coffee Break
Memory Architecture
Chair: T. Ungerer
Self-Organizing Systems (I)
Chair: D. Roggen
10.45-11.15 Li Peng, Dongsheng Wang, Haixia Wang, Meijuan Lu, Weimin Zheng: LIRAC: Using live range information to optimize memory access. 10.45-11.15 Benjamin Satzger, Andreas Pietzowski, Wolfgang Trumler, Theo Ungerer: Variations and evaluations of an adaptive accrual failure detector to enable self-healing properties in distributed systems.
11:15-11.45 Xuehai Qian, He Huang, Zhenzhong Duan, Junchao Zhang, Nan Yuan, Yongbin Zhou, Hao Zhang, Huimin Cui, Dongrui Fan: Optimized register renaming scheme for stack-based x86 operations. 11:15-11.45 Ichiro Satoh: Self-organizing software components on distributed systems.
11.45-12.15 Praveen Raghavan, Satayakiran Munaga, Estela Rey Ramos, Andy Lambrechts, Murali Jayapala, Francky Catthoor, Diederik Verkest: A customized cross-bar for data-shuffling in domain-specific SIMD processors. 11.45-12.15 Paul Kaufmann, Marco Platzner: Toward Self-adaptive Embedded Systems: Multi-objective Hardware Evolution.
12:15-13.30 Lunch 12:15-13.30 Lunch
Keynote Talk Keynote Talk
13.30-14.15 Prof. Giovanni De Micheli, EPF Lausanne: Software-based thermal management in Socs 13.30-14.15 Prof. Hartmut Schmeck, University Karlsruhe
Cache Architectures
Chair: W. Karl
Self-Organizing Systems (II)
Chair: C. Müller-Schloer
14:15-14.45 Subramanian Ramaswamy, Sudakhar Yalamanchili: Customized placement for high performance embedded processor caches. 14:15-14.45 Moez Mnif, Urban Richter: Measurement and control of self-organized behaviour in robot swarms.
14:45-15.15 Joerg Christian Niemann, Christian Liss, Mario Porrmann, Ulrich Rueckert: A multiprocessor cache for massively parallel SoC architectures. 14:45-15.15 Andrew Sohn, Hukeun Kwak, Kyusik Chung: Autonomous learning of load and traffic patterns to improve cluster utilization.
15.15-15.45 Coffee Break 15.15-15.45 Coffee Break
Network Protocols
Chair: K. Waldschmid
Execution Platforms
Chair: C. Plessl
15:45-16.15 Raphael Chand, Luigi Liquori, Michel Cosnard: Improving resource discovery in the Arigatoni overlay network. 15:45-16.15 Juan Garcia Chamizo, Maria Signes Pont, Higinio Mora Mora, Gregorio de Miguel Casado: Parametric architecture for function calculation improvement.
16.15-16.45 Tae-Hwan Kim, Won-Kee Hong, Hie-Choel Kim: An effective multi-hop broadcast in vehicular ad-hoc networks. 16.15-16.45 Guillermo Paya Vaya, Javier Martin Langerwerf, Piriya Taptimthong, Peter Pirsch: Design space exploration of media processors: A generic VLIW architecture and a parameterized scheduler.
16.45-17.15 Olivier Buchtala, Bernhard Sick: Functional knowledge exchange within an intelligent distributed system. 16.45-17.15 Alexey Kupriyanov, Frank Hannig, Dmitrij Kissler, Juergen Teich, Julien Lallet, Olivier Sentieys, Sebastien Pillement: Modeling interconnection networks in massively parallel processor architectures.
19:00-22:00 Conference Banquet at restaurant "Haus zum Rüden" [Info]
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